Welcome to COVID-19 Narratives, an expressive writing program for health care providers and staff. COVID-19 is stressful, and writing about your experience can help!

COVID-19 Narratives is a free, evidence-based, and confidential online expressive writing program for health care staff experiencing distress from the COVID-19 pandemic response. Your participation involves 5 sessions (once a week for 5 weeks) in which you will write about your experience during the COVID-19 pandemic response, using a series of writing prompts. You will get feedback on your sessions from mental health professionals.

This program is intended for:

  • University of Colorado health care providers/staff
  • VA ECHCS health care providers/staff

Any questions can be directed to:

Program Lead: Meredith.Mealer@cuanschutz.edu

Program Manager: Kathryn.Cochran@cuanschutz.edu or Kathryn.Cochran2@va.gov

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