Thank you for interest in our study! This research study is designed to determine the health effects supplementation with a dietary supplement called fisetin for two, three-day supplementation periods separated by two weeks on adults ages 65+. Fisetin is a food-derived compound that is found in strawberries and cucumbers. This study involves 8 visits and an optional follow-up visit. The total time commitment is about 13.5 hours spread over 1.5-2 months (14.5 hours and 2-3 months if taking part in the optional follow-up visit). Each visit will take between 0.5 and 2.5 hours.


If you have any questions you can contact the Integrative Physiology Aging Lab at 303-735-6410 and  


You will Receive: 

Taking part in the study includes gaining information about your health from the many tests that are done including information about your blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure and heart health.  Along with the health information, you will receive money in a form of a check if you complete the study. If you decide not to complete the entire study, you will be compensated for the tests you complete.



Before your first in-person study visit, you will also be asked to fast, refrain from caffeine, strenuous exercise, marijuana/tobacco and alcohol because these things can also interfere with the measurements we will be making, such as your blood pressure. You must refrain from food and caffeine for 5 hours. This means you cannot eat anything, or drink anything except for water for 5 hours before your appointment. When you fast, you may feel lightheaded, dizzy, and/or weak. You also must refrain from strenuous exercise, marijuana/tobacco and alcohol for 24 hours as well as any non-prescribed over-the-counter medications and/or supplements for 48 hours prior to your appointment.



Your answers to the questions on this screening form will be used to determine whether you qualify for participation in our research study. Your responses are confidential and will only be used for research purposes.  


Participation in this pre-screening is voluntary. If you agree to participate in this pre-screening please continue filling out the survey below.  

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