To apply formatting to text or other parts of your forms in REDCap you will need to use some HTML.

This survey demonstrates how to do this for your forms by using HTML tags. Use this survey form and samples of code below to explore different ways of formatting.

When you are ready - copy the code and paste into your own REDCap fields!

Some basic information about HTML:

  • HTML works by enclosing the text you want to format with HTML "tags".
  • The tags can be included in your Section, Descriptive, Question and/or Answer texts.
  • A tag is a type of instruction or command that will change the appearance of text as well as perform other functions on your REDCap forms because they are web pages.
  • The tags are enclosed with greater and less than < brackets > and may be written in capital and lower case letters.
  • You need to both open a tag and close it.
  • You close it with the same tag but add a /

Example < center > centering text < /center >. *Do not leave spaces in tags when using the actual tag - see below for examples.

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