Thank you for your interest in PCRC membership. We are excited that you are interested in joining the PCRC and look forward to receiving your PCRC Membership Application.

Membership applications are reviewed on a quarterly basis. If accepted, applicants are brought on as either Full Members or Affiliate Members. Generally speaking, Full Members are those who are actively involved in palliative care research. Affiliate Members are those who are interested in contributing to the PCRC mission in a variety of ways. Each membership level comes with its own privileges and expectations, as outlined in the PCRC Membership Terms of Reference and Membership Guidelines documents (available at

The PCRC Membership Committee will determine the most appropriate Membership level for you based on your application, CV, and/or Biosketch. If you are particularly interested in a specific membership level, please indicate on your membership application. Alternatively, if you feel that the recommended Membership level is not the most appropriate, please email and relay this information. PCRC Members can request review of their Membership Level at any point in time by e-mailing

Please complete this application and include all requested items for consideration. You may save your application and return at another time to complete it. Your application is not complete until you click SUBMIT at the conclusion of the application.

If at any time you have questions, we invite you to view our website or send an email to

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