Purpose: This study will examine the impact of circadian misalignment (sleeping during the day and being awake and eating at night as is common in shift-workers) on cognition and metabolic physiology in adults. This research will have important implications for people who do not get enough sleep or sleep at the wrong time of day and are at a high risk for developing diabetes and obesity.



This sleep study is conducted by the Sleep and Metabolism Laboratory (SAM Lab) at Colorado State University (CSU).

Study Requirements: Healthy People Age 18-35



Visit 1: Informed Consent & Health, Sleep, and Psychological questionnaires.


Visit 2: Medical screening tests including a physical exam, blood work, an ECG, a DEXA scan to measure body composition, and a resting metabolic rate assessment (which measures calorie consumption).


You are not financially compensated for the screening procedures, but we can share them with you if you wish. All results of the screening procedures will only be used to determine eligibility for the study.



Visit 3/6: Equipment/Watch Pickup and start 8-hour sleep/wake schedule one week before in-lab stay.


Visit 4/7: Diet Pickup that you eat 3 days before your in-lab stay. Start fecal collection.


Visit 5/8: In-lab Study visit includes living in the SAM Lab at CSU for 5 days. Meals will be provided and feces will be collected throughout the stay.


Day 1- Arrive to the lab in the afternoon on Day 1 and receive a normal night of sleep. In the morning, remain in dim light and in bed and have blood sampled every hour.

Day 2- Trained professional performs muscle biopsy to see how your muscle functions. An oral glucose tolerance test will also be done which involves drinking a sugary drink to see how your body responds to glucose.

Day 3&4- Follow a "shiftwork protocol" which means sleeping during the day and being awake at night.

Day 4&5- Repeat blood sampling, muscle biopsy and glucose tolerance test.


During your stay, you'll also complete computer tasks to measure your ability to think, complete strength & balance tests, undergo blood pressure and metabolic rate testing, and wear EEG to measure your brain activity. Roughly 50% of your time in the laboratory will be free time. After the testing is complete, you'll receive a 12-hour recovery sleep opportunity.



One month later, you will come back to the lab for your second in-lab stay and complete visits 6/7/8.

The only difference between your first and second in-lab visits is that in one visit you will eat food during the nighttime hours during the "shift work" days and in the other visit, you will only eat during daytime hours.


If you are eligible to participate in this study, you will be financially compensated for your involvement after the screening procedures. The total compensation can be up to $2,650.



If you are interested in applying to participate in this study, please complete this on-line application survey and we will contact you to inform you of your status. If you have additional questions about the study please call or text us at 970-775-8457.


Clicking "I agree" documents that you have read the information about the study and give your permission to take part in the initial screening for the research.

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