Purpose: The intent of this request policy is to provide a mechanism for expanding laboratory areas to meet Principal Investigators’ and teams’ research needs. Detailed explanations of the goals of this policy are included in the “UC Denver Division of Pulmonary Sciences and Critical Care Medicine Space Allocation Guidelines” document (hereafter referred to as “Guidelines”).

Responsibility: Principal investigators will be responsible for completing these requests and submitting them to Associate Division Head for Research for subsequent review by the Division Executive Committee.

Applicability: This policy applies to all individual and shared laboratory space that will be specifically assigned to an investigator or group of investigators. This included lab modules, bays, benches, and alcoves as defined in the Guidelines.

Policy: The following sections below will be completed by the requesting investigator(s). Prior to submission to the Executive Committee, these forms should be reviewed with the Division Head and/or Associate Division Head for Research to ensure that the request aligns with Division planning and objectives. After review by the Executive Committee, decisions will be communicated to the requesting PI by the Division Head.

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