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The goal of this observational study is to learn about how weight loss impacts signaling of intermuscular adipose tissue, also known as IMAT, in individuals with obesity. The main question it aims to answer is how inflammatory molecules secreted by IMAT promote muscle insulin resistance, and how these same molecules are diminished by weight loss. Following screening visits involving body composition measures, blood testing, strength testing, and a thigh muscle biopsy, participants will go through a 12-week dietary intervention for weight loss. After 12 weeks, this will be followed by the same testing and biopsies that were completed before the intervention. Researchers will then compare outcomes of individuals who lost weight to individuals who did not lose weight.

There is a chance you may be placed in the control group, in which case you will be given access to an equivalent weight loss program following your participation in the research study.

If you join this study, your total participation will last approximately 18-20 weeks. Due to scheduling and nursing availability, your study visits may not begin for a couple weeks, however, consent and screening will occur soon after completing this survey.

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